Did you know clogged gutters can lead to rust and corrosion, shortening the lifespan of your gutters? Accumulated debris and water cause them to become damaged under the mounting weight.

Cleaning your gutters should be done twice yearly, preferably every six months. This is best done in the spring and the fall. Gutters that receive proper maintenance and cleaning can last for 20 to 50 years depending on the material used. Downspouts can last for even longer with average lifespans of 30 to 100 years, not to mention the money-saving element. 

Ice dams, cracked foundations, pests and rodents, roof leaks, facia damage, garden bed damage, and even basement flooding can all be prevented by regular gutter maintenance.

Our trained professionals remove any leaves and debris from your gutters and flush the drains and downspouts to ensure that they are running smoothly and are not backing up or overflowing. We offer gutter cleaning services for any size project, whether it’s a small home or a large townhouse complex.


“I hired Nordic Window Cleaning the past two years to clean my windows, gutters, and roof after a rainy West Coast winter. I appreciated Aaron’s prompt estimates, on-time start to the work, and care with prepping and tidying up the worksite. House looks great for spring.” 


If you’re looking for window cleaning, pressure washing, or gutter cleaning services, contact us at Nordic Window Cleaning today to receive a free quote.